18mm custom bowl

18mm custom bowl

Vendors 4. Wilson Glass B. Greens Dustorm Distro E. Recently Viewed Recently Viewed. Slides or bong bowls are a necessity for smoking flower if you prefer to use a bong as your method of consumption. Bong slides are typically made from quality glass and are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

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Diffused slides are available in Scientific or Heady glass designs, and feature between a point disc screen that allows for smoother hits via the additional airflow that is present during tokes.

We also carry Heady or plain one-hole push bowl bong slides as well as cheap, clear glass replacement slides. Our wide selection of handcrafted slides from a variety of popular glass artists is sure to meet your smoking needs. Show more. RooR Glass - 14mm Crown Slides. Monkey Glass - Clear Bong Bowl. Best Seller. Wilson - Desert Triple Donut Slides.

Wilson - Female Disc Screen Slides. Wilson - Desert Disc Screen Slides. Eyce - 4 Pack Stainless Steel Poker. Cheech - 14mm Replacement Bowls.

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Cheech - 14mm Colorful Bowls. Cheech - 14mm Double Color Bowls. Cheech - 14mm Wig Wag Slides. Cheech - 14mm Wig Wag Bowls. Ace-Labz - 14mm Titan-Bowl. Big Savings. Leisure - 18mm Color Screen Slides. Cheech - 14mm Web Bowl. Cheech - 14mm Web Bowl Best Seller. Wilson - Beach Triple Donut Slides.

Pulsar Vaporizers - Replacement Herb Slides.

18mm custom bowl

Eyce - Borosilicate Glass Bowl. Blazing Blue - Honeycomb Funnel Slide. Wilson - 18mm Beach Disc Screen Slide. Joint Wax - Three Tubes. Dippy - 18mm Banana Slides. Dippy - 18mm Banana Slides Best Seller.Add 2 Year Replacement Protection? If this product breaks due to any reason we will send you a new one free, just pay shipping for.

18mm custom bowl

The slide seems durable and holds a small amount, nothing obnoxious. Good airflow easy to clean.

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Not totally consistent on the length on the bottom part that connects to the downstem, although no glass company is except the overpriced German one. This slide is good for scissor chopped buds going into a diffused bong. Or whole buds. Coffee ground or dust consistency will need a smaller screen maybe, but this worked wonderful even for flower out of a golden gate grinder.

This is very thick glass and the 18mm one is simply flawless. I do wish the spacing of the holes for the built in screen on the 14mm were more even, but it's a minor concern and I am very pleased with my purchase. The 18mm is my new favorite. Very happy with the bowl. The red finish look amazingI got the 18mm Male for my rig. Super easy to clean aswell. Learn More. I agree to the terms of service of this website and certify that I am 21 years of age or older.

Close Menu. Rated 4. Add to cart. Write a Review. Air Flow Rated 4 out of 5. Rated 4 out of 5. Customer photos and videos. David Reviewed by David, from United States. Verified Buyer. I recommend this product. Age Range. Rated 5 out of 5. Review posted. Nice crosshair screen The slide seems durable and holds a small amount, nothing obnoxious.

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Read more. Air Flow Rated 5 out of 5. Was this helpful? Joe B.

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Reviewed by Joe B. As advertised This is very thick glass and the 18mm one is simply flawless.No smoking setup is complete without just the right selection of bowls and domes you need to make the smoke go down as smooth as can be.

Bong bowl pieces come in many varieties, sizes, and even shapes. You can find a piece that will fit in perfectly with your collection or one that will be a unique addition to your everyday lineup.

We also offer our products at phenomenal prices as well. You can also sign up for our rewards program to start getting free points toward a free pipe! Shop with confidence and discover for yourself all the ways we smoke the competition.

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Help Center support smokea. My Account. Login Create Account My Wishlist. Shopping Cart. Show more. Recently Viewed. Aqua Teal. Juicy Orange. Mellow Yellow. Slime Green.

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14mm - Bowls and Slides

Piecemaker Stainless Steel Replacement Bowl. Piecemaker Glass Replacement Bowl. Lake Green. Noble Glass 9mm Bubble Bowl. Invincibowl 2 14mm Indestructible Bong Bowl.

Eyce Glass Replacement Bowl. Load More.This website contains adult material and is only suitable for those 18 years or older. Click Enter only if you are at least 21 years of age. This is our basic 14mm push bowl style water pipe slide. Economical, sturdy, and an ample bowl size. Each one has grip beads on the side. A perfe Wonderful and Colorful Each one comes with a handle.

A perfect bowl Each one comes with a honeycomb screen built into the large funnel bowl. Each one has a nice thick h Ryan of Budd Bay Glass created these deep dish funnel slides to match the modern smoking habits of heads everywhere. The hand blown glass crosshat Not for the meek or weak, this hand blown glass herb bowl packs a punch with ample room f It looks like your avergae push bowl, but oh no, this slide is an amazi Your basic 9mm bowl with some added flare.

18mm custom bowl

Each bowl is 2. The extended handle will Affordable nice hand blown glass 9. Perfect for smaller standard sleeved water pipes.Horned Wig Wag Funnel Bowl.


Clear Glass Female Bowl. Empire Glassworks - Bug's Life Bowl. Empire Glassworks - Cozmic Critter Bowl. Empire Glassworks - Radioactive Narwhal Bowl.

Empire Glassworks - Daffodil Bowl 14mm Male. Dichro Inside-Out Rainbow Bowl. Female to Female Adapter - 14mm and 18mm Sizes.

J-Hook Adapter with Rounded Mouthpiece. Empire Glassworks - Avocado Bowl. Empire Glassworks - Cactus Bowl. Double Cheeseburger Pipe Mug.

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Bowls or commonly known as slides holds the tobacco and sits in the joint of your water pipe. Bowls come in three different sizes 10mm, 14mm, 18mm and two genders male and female.

Please check with your piece first to determine which size and joint you will need for your water pipe. Female joints are made to be inserted into while male joints are made to do the inserting just like the human anatomy! Home Shop Accessories Bowls. Hide Sold Out. Price under Percs show more. Empire Glassworks.

Grav Labs. Jane West by Grav. MJ Arsenal. Sesh Supply. The Dank Geek.Bong bowls are a removable slide that attaches to a bong and hold the dry herb. Bowl pieces generally comes in two sizes 14mm and 18mm.

Read more Bong bowls are a removable slide that attaches to a bong and hold the dry herb. With our bowls you can tap the bowl on a table every now and then to clear it out, no longer do you have to worry about it breaking if it hits the table. We also inspect all of our bowl pieces so they have good depth and a good bowl size so you get that perfectly milky tube every time.

Check out our top rate water pipe slides and read reviews from real customers. Free shipping, no minimum purchase necessary. We are the experts when it comes to bowls, whether you need a snapper bowl with a small hole or a party bowl with a screen at the bottom, Badass Glass has got you covered. Get free shipping on any of our Badass Bowl Pieces.

Glob Squad is upping your daily driver game with the 14mm Snapper Bowl. This classic martini style clear bowl is the perfect size and shape to, wel This 14mm Wig Wag Bowl Piece is as big as it is beautiful.

This bowl goes deep and is beautifully crafted with inside out colors. Fumed red, blue, The life saver bowl is the perfect swirl of fall colors. This color mixture and bowl shape i This 14mm Pink bowl piece is crafted from thick and durable translucent glass so you can see your packed herb. This piece compliments any our of s This Martini Bowl piece was made by local California glass blowers who take pride in ensuring quality glass pieces.

With two maria rings in the mid The 14mm Blue Bowl Piece has a unique design compared to a traditional bowl piece. It's allows for more smoke to build up within the bowl. It's als The 14mm Leach Bowl Piece is a thick bowl that is beautifully crafted with inside out colors. There are white swirls throughout the whole bowl and The 14mm Rose Gold Bowl is a great addition to any setup. This one of a kind Elephant Bowl Piece is a great way to add some flavor to any glass piece collection.

Handmade by Forensic Glass down in San Bern The octopus bowl piece is unique, functional, and eye-catching. The gecko bowl piece is our favorite bowl this year with amazing colors.

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Made locally here in southern California by Forensic Glass, we know you'll Fumed red, Height: 2. The 14mm water waves bowl piece features a martini shape design with electric blue and black colors. This bowl piece is thick and features a nice e The 14mm Long Handle Bowl is a perfectly funnel shaped bong slide with a thick elongated handle.

This beautiful bong bowl will add a touch of elegaA bong bowlalso referred to as a slideis the part of a glass bong that you put your herbs in to smoke. Bong bowls come in many styles.

Whether you just broke your bowl and need a replacement or your looking to upgrade to something flashy, The Dab Lab has something for you. If your prefer something inexpensive, but functional, we have plenty of simple clear slides to choose from.

For those that want to spice up their current bong and express some style, check out our worked slides. They feature sculpted figures, colorful linework, and even gold and silver fume work.

See below for more detail about the different types of slides we offer. Martini Slide - A funnel shaped slide with a single hole. Great for large bowls that can be passed around and ripped multiple times. These usually have a bit less room to pack herb, but plenty of room for a nice fat rip. More holes allows for increased airflow, which helps burn the bowl more evenly and gets clogged less. Worked Slide - Also referred to as Heady Slides, theses slides feature color and glass art techniques like wig-wags, fume work, sculpting and more.

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